Thursday, February 25, 2010

Method 12

I really enjoyed this web training. I realize I only scratched the surface in the learning and the doing, but it has made me more confident. As an older library worker, I sometimes feel overwhelmed at all the new technology. But with this introduction into the "lions den", I know it only takes a little curiosity and a lot of trial and error to understand and use these web applications. And really, everyone, no matter what age, has to deal with the newness of something. No one is born knowing how to post a blog or use YouTube or to tag!

I think my favorite discovery was podcasts. I listened to Coach K in an interview. Before this web training, I did not know that one could search these things out and I thought I had to just luck upon such a thing!

I appreciate the extension of the time to complete. At first I was accepting the fact I would not be able to finish in the time allotted. But with the extra few months, the work load slowed some and allowed me to continue.

Method 11

Listened to several podcasts. I found it quite interesting and informative. I certainly think that libraries could use this media. The outreach to the generation that seems to get all their information while looking at a screen would be important.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Method 10

Instead of it's a small world; it's a Wiki World now.

It occurred to me that what the cyber world is doing is making it easier to find people, things, info and organizing it as well.

Of course, if we didn't have wikipedia, where would reference be now? Looking it up in books? How yesterday.
Pardon the cynicism . But a blog article written by ricklibrarian in a sense states the librarian must do better.

And this is what these "methods" learning is all about. To do better for our patrons.

Method 9

Amarillo Public Library uses the Outlook Messenger.
Some use this chat feature quite a bit. It is most useful for communication between branches to locate books, etc. for patrons who are wanting the item sent to another branch.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

method 8

Just finished reading in one of my genealogy periodicals about facebook for genealogists. Applications such as "We're Related" and other genealogy focused groups and pages can bring a wealth of connections to genealogists. And sometimes this is what genealogy is all about, connecting with distant relatives who might just give us that one piece of info we need.
My daughter keeps encouraging me to add my profile to facebook. I will soon so I can keep up with some of my family that I don't see too often.
As far as libraries using the social networking, the generations under age 30 live with this all day every day, so why not?!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Method 7

social networking is the thing now and I can see where might be useful. I haven't yet ,but I will set up an account for genealogy and see what I can find.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Method 6

Visual is sometimes the best way to catch people's attention or to just tell a story. Since the world is total TV or LCD screens, video is important for one to learn or experience.